maui paper garden workshop photos

Paper Garden Maui Workshop

Here’s a peek behind the scenes of two of our recent Paper Garden Maui Workshops… The Location Nestled in the Wailea Village next to Akamai Coffee, Paper Garden is a charming gift, craft, and party shop. Throughout the year, the owner Pam invites local artists and artisans to host a variety of workshops such as […]

Maui Giant Singing Bowl Meditatio

Maui Giant Singing Bowl Meditation

In Maui, with its laid-back vibes and easy-going energy, hanging in a hammock is a natural part of wellness, relaxation, and meditation. This Giant Singing Bowl Meditation experience takes that to an entirely new level! What Is The Maui Giant Singing Bowl Meditation? You’ve probably been to or heard of a sound bowl meditation where […]

maui ocean vodka

Maui Ocean Vodka Farm Tour

We’ve been coming to the Cafe at Maui Ocean Vodka on many Fridays to kick off the weekend right, and it’s been wonderful every time! With its panoramic bi-coastal ocean view this is a spectacular place, nay I say the best, in Upcountry Maui to watch the sunset. Add on a cool, delicious beverage and […]

maui girls birthday party

Maui Kids Birthday Party & Workshop

Leiohu Cosmetics recently had the delight of hosting a charming birthday celebration, featuring our Maui Perfume Blending Workshop. We are so excited to share a glimpse behind the scenes of this magical, flower-filled day. Flower Confetti and Festive Decor for This Maui Birthday Workshop The theme was “flower confetti,” a fitting choice for a little […]

fruit to try on hawaii

Hawaii Fruit Guide

Welcome to my tropical Hawaii Fruit Guide! What Fruits To Try When On Vacation On Hawaii! Hawaii is a fruit lover’s paradise, offering an incredible variety of exotic fruits that are as vibrant and diverse as the islands themselves.  In this Hawaii Fruit Guide, we dive into the delightful world of Hawaiian fruits, exploring their tastes, […]

maui pumpkin spice beauty workshop

Pumpkin Spice Beauty Workshop on Maui

Take a peek behind the scenes of our Pumpkin Spice Farm-to-Face beauty workshop at Kula Country Farms. Our theme for this Maui beauty workshop was “Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice.” Participants crafted their own Pumpkin Spice Latte bath, an enzymatic Pumpkin Papaya face mask, and a Seasonal Body Oil, all customized to suit their skin’s […]

ono farms atv private farm tour

Maui’s Best Farm Tours

Here are my top picks for Maui farm tours, perfect for foodies, beauty and wellness enthusiasts, or those simply looking for a peaceful time amidst nature. How did we select these Maui Farm Tours? As a nature and food enthusiast, I spent every Friday for a year exploring Maui’s farms with my homeschooled daughter. We’ve […]

synthetic versus vegan versus animal beauty products

Animal vs Synthetic vs Vegan Beauty Products

Navigating beauty choices: What’s best animal, synthetic, or vegan beauty products? In the ever-evolving world of beauty, we all face an array of choices regarding the ingredients in our skincare and cosmetics.  No matter the origin, each type of product comes with its unique set of advantages and drawbacks. Let’s delve into pros and cons […]

pearl powder for beauty products in Japan

Animal-Derived Beauty Products in Japan

Animal beauty products in cosmetics? Perhaps you’ve heard about yogurt face masks, honey for chapped lips? Maybe even the beetles lipstick? Here are 8 unique Japanese cosmetics derived from animals, you’ve probably never heard of. Why Try Animal-Derived Ingredients In Japanese Beauty Products?  Japan’s rich heritage offers a plethora of unusual and often surprising ingredients. […]

Japanese Essential Oils You Need to Know

Here are 7 unique Japanese essential oils that will take you on a journey through Japan’s beautiful and fragrant landscapes. Japan, a land rich in both history and natural beauty, offers a unique bouquet of aromas that tell stories of ancient forests, expertly grown fruit, seasonal changes, and the deep connection between nature and everyday […]

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