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In Maui, with its laid-back vibes and easy-going energy, hanging in a hammock is a natural part of wellness, relaxation, and meditation. This Giant Singing Bowl Meditation experience takes that to an entirely new level!

Maui Giant Singing Bowl Meditatio

What Is The Maui Giant Singing Bowl Meditation?

You’ve probably been to or heard of a sound bowl meditation where a therapist strikes a crystal bowl with a mallet or gently coaxes a sound from it with her finger.

I love these types of meditation sessions. They always put me into a deep state of relaxation as my mind wanders and dances with the sound.

But what if, instead of laying or sitting next to the singing bowl, you could be in it? Not only hearing the soothing sounds but also feeling the vibrations? That’s what happens at the Maui Giant Singing Bowl.

Yes, you actually hang in a hammock over an enormous brass singing bowl, and the therapist strikes it with a suspended wooden log as a mallet.

As you drift off in the hammock, the sound and vibrations envelop you.

The Idea Behind The Maui Giant Singing Bowl Meditation

The Giant Singing Bowl Meditation combines elements of vibrational and sound therapy.

Deep relaxation is one of the most documented benefits of sound therapy, believed to help treat stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and chronic pain.

Practitioners explain that a thousand frequencies flow through your body during the session, stimulating each and every cell to vibrate harmoniously.

Energy fields, which make up all living things, can influence the vibrational energy of another energy field. This phenomenon is called resonance, and vibrational therapy is based on this principle of energy resonance.

The bowl is said to be coded with 1000 frequencies, ranging from 32Hz to 10,000Hz. A chart on the wall illustrates the different frequencies that the bowl resonates with, offering a visual representation of its range.

Maui Giant Singing Bowl Meditatio

My Experience

My husband knows that I love trying unique wellness experiences, so one year for Mother’s Day he gifted be this experience. Here’s how it went…

Upon entering the space, I felt an immediate sense of peace and coolness on a hot day.

After changing into a robe, I stepped into the bowl and snuggled into the cotton hammock. It was easy to get comfortable.

The therapist stayed with me, which I hadn’t known beforehand and wasn’t sure how to feel about at first. However, the hammock provided some privacy.

The therapist struck the bowl every 15 seconds, as I swayed in the hammock for 20 minutes, getting lost in the sound.

The vibrations resonated through different parts of my body, and I experienced a deep state of relaxation, similar to floating in a saltwater tank.

When I got up, I felt lighter and still somewhat suspended. It took a while to feel grounded again.

What To Know Before Your Session

Since they only have one bowl, you will be the only person in the session and in the space.

Your spouse can accompany you, sit in a chair or the lobby, and experience the sound aspect of the session at no extra charge.

The weight limit for the hammock is 285 lbs.

The session is not available to pregnant women.

They ask that people do not come straight from the beach to avoid scratching the inner coating of the bowl.

It is important not to come with a full stomach, but also not to arrive hungry.

Avoid alcohol and drugs before the session to ensure the best experience.

There is a waiting and lobby area, a locker room, and a bathroom available for your convenience.

Overall, this was a unique experience in vibrational and sound healing wellness, and I’m glad I tried it.


This is not a sponsored post. All of the opinions are honest and my own. I scheduled and paid for this facial myself and didn’t receive any compensation.


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Maui Giant Singing Bowl Meditation


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