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Leiohu Cosmetics recently had the delight of hosting a charming birthday celebration, featuring our Maui Perfume Blending Workshop.

maui girls birthday cakes party planning

We are so excited to share a glimpse behind the scenes of this magical, flower-filled day.

Flower Confetti and Festive Decor for This Maui Birthday Workshop

The theme was “flower confetti,” a fitting choice for a little girl’s birthday, centered around flowers, scents, and vibrant colors.

It all started with these colorful wildflower birthday party invites.

maui birthday invites
maui girls birthday party

Our setup included a beautiful Maui perfume bar under a white gazebo tent, embellished with a stunning array of colorful flowers. 

maui birthday workshop
maui flower theme birthday

Imagine fragrant red and pink roses from Tiki Farms, vibrant blue butterfly peas and cornflowers, pristine white plumeria, delicate Queen Anne’s lace, and an assortment of green herbs, bright sunflowers, and calendula.

maui workshop birthday baby shower bridal shower
maui birthday party workshop

Adding to the festivity, a balloon garland in wildflower colors floated above our guests, creating a cheerful atmosphere.

The day was blessed with sunshine peeking through clouds and misty showers—typical Maui weather! But no worries – rain or shine, we set up our beautiful Maui perfume bar in our white gazebo tent.

Interactive Leiohu Cosmetics Perfume Bar for Kids

The highlight was our Mini Perfume Bar, where, we introduced the young guests the art of perfume-making. 

maui birthday party planning
maui workshop for birthday bridal baby shower

They explored a variety of scents and combined them into their own custom perfume using organic coconut oil. These little perfume rollers are fancy and also much healthier than store-bought perfumes or cosmetics for these young ladies.

Read here about how Why Most Kids’ Makeup Is Not Good For Them.

Of course, all exploration and blending are done ensuring safety under supervised guidance.

maui workshop for birthday
maui birthday girl activity
maui beauty workshop for birthday parties

And this perfume blending session was not only fun but also educational, as the kids learned about and hands-on explored the natural sources of these scents, like cinnamon bark, cloves, and tuberose flowers.

And lest you think only adults are interested in fragrance or perfume. No, kids respond to scents with strong preferences, interest, and reactions!

Crafts and More at Our Maui Birthday Workshop

The fun continued with several craft stations, including a DIY flower bouquet station and a Pressed Flower Bookmark Activity. Such an easy and beautiful project and gift!

These activities allowed the girls (and their moms) to engage in creating personalized keepsakes to take home.

maui birthday party kids activity
maui birthday party activity flower bar
maui birthday party flower bar

Flower-Filled Dining

Yvette of Charcuterie Bar Plus set up a grazing table that was a feast for the senses. It featured a delicious array of charcuterie, cheese, and fresh Maui fruit, all beautifully interspersed with floral accents.

charcuterie bar maui birthday party workshop

We added this delicate pressed flower cheese log and freshly baked garden focaccia for some true dining on flowers.

maui birthday party
maui birthday party

The birthday cake followed the floral theme and was accompanied by a bar of flower-themed treats.

maui birthday party dessert bar
maui kids birthday party dessert bar

We had pressed flower shortbread, flower cupcakes, and bubbly rose lemonade served from an iced flower bowl, adding a touch of elegance to the festivities.

maui kids mocktail birthday party
maui birthday party dessert bar

So fancy! Here’s a blog post for the DIY Flower Ice Bucket.

Sunset and Sentiments

As the sun set behind the West Maui mountains, we wrapped up the day with sparklers and the traditional singing of ‘Happy Birthday,’ as we showered the birthday girl with fresh flower confetti.

maui flower birthday party kids
maui kids birthday party flowers

These jars of flower filled confetti were a big hit. Of course, the girls loved showering each other in flowers!

Here’s the easy DIY Flower Confetti Jars For Birthdays. 

Flower-Themed Guest Favors for Maui Birthday Party & Workshop

Besides hosting workshops and private events such as birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers, Leiohu Cosmetics also creates custom-designed guest favors for all these occasions.

maui guest favors kids birthday natural makeup

For this flower-filled birthday celebration, we crafted thoughtful, flower-themed favors.

Each guest departed with a handmade posy bouquet, custom perfume oil, pressed flower bookmarks, age-appropriate rose lip balm, and charming butterfly hair clip.

maui guest favors kids birthday
maui guest favors kids birthday flower natural makeup
guest favors kids birthday natural perfumes
maui guest favors kids birthday

It was a truly enchanting afternoon, filled with laughter, play, and the joy of flowers.

We’re grateful to have been a part of this magical day and hope to inspire many more celebrations filled with laughter, play, and the beauty of nature.

If this sounds like fun, come join us at Leiohu Cosmetics Bar Maui, where every event is an opportunity to create something uniquely beautiful from nature.


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We look forward to welcoming you to paradise soon!

Leiohu Cosmetics owner Emma

Maui Kids Birthday Party & Workshop


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