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I’m so excited to share this beautiful and meaningful event that Lei ʻohu Cosmetics and Lumeria Maui brought to life – a Restorative Wellness Retreat For Our Wives of + Wahine Maui First Responders.

woman holding lei for Lahaina Maui fire retreat at Lumeria

The Meaning Behind This Restorative Lumeria Retreat

We hosted this retreat two months after the deadly and destructive Maui fires, which devastated the Maui community.

This half-day restorative retreat, filled with complimentary wellness, self-care, and healing, was a much-deserved opportunity to honor our wahine first responders and wives of first responders.

Lumeria Maui a retreat space
Leiohu Cosmetics workshop at Lumeria Maui

These are women who’ve supported our community by showing up, being the backbone of support to brave firefighters, police, and more; women who’ve been displaced; women who’ve lost their homes and businesses in the fires.

Lumeria As The Setting For The Maui Wellness Retreat

Lumeria Maui, nestled in the heart of Upcountry Maui, is a serene oasis close to the idyllic Maui North shore. The outdoor gardens, houses, and overall atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for healing and rejuvenation.

Leiohu Cosmetics Beauty Workshop at Lumeria Maui

The event was blessed with soft clouds and pleasant shade, with occasional light mist that only added to the tranquility.

You can read more about what we love about Lumeria’s wellness offerings, farm-to-table restaurant, and grounds in this post.

The Opening Ceremony

The event opened with an enchanting ceremony. Each lady was adorned with a handcrafted, unique lei by Hawaii Flora & Fauna. These lei showcase a rich variety of vibrant flowers, from blue jade vine to tuberose.

Lumeria Maui Lei for Retreat
Chakra tuning ceremony singing bowls at Lumeria Maui

Under the lush canopy of an avocado tree, a singing bowl meditation, led by a Maui firefighter himself, set a peaceful tone for the day.

Leiohu Cosmetics Workshop At Lumeria Maui

After that peaceful opening, we all moved to the beautifully set table, ready for our rejuvenating and all-senses-engaged beauty workshop by Lei ʻohu Cosmetics.

Leiohu Cosmetics Beauty Skincare workshop at Lumeria

Participants enjoyed a sensory meditation, followed by the Lei ʻohu Cosmetics signature aromatherapy journey.

Stories were shared about favorite perfumes and essential oils lost in the fires. This was an opportunity to renew and delve into much-needed self-care.

The women indulged in smelling, touching, and tasting hibiscus and roses fresh from the Lei ʻohu gardens and Tiki Farms.

Red Hibiscus Rose for Lumeria workshop Leiohu Cosmetics

For the hands-on portion, we crafted a rose sugar scrub – divine in its scent and a soothing yet exfoliating treat. We also concocted a hibiscus, rose face mask enriched with probiotic yogurt and lavender honey from Ali’i Lavender

Make your own at home with this recipe for our hibiscus & rose face mask and rose sugar scrub.

Making Handcrafted DIY cosmetics beauty products at Lumeria Leiohu workshop
Roselle tuberose for beauty at Leiohu Lumeria retreat

We rounded out our luxurious flower-themed body care exploration with a drink of rose, hibiscus, dragonfruit lemonade. A yummy way to experience these beautiful blooms fully!

rose hibiscus lemonade for Leiohu and Lumeria retreat
Handcrafted beauty products for Lumeria Leiohu retreat workshop

Wellness & Self-Care at the Lumeria Maui Retreat

After the beauty workshop by Lei ʻohu Cosmetics, the ladies had time to explore and enjoy the picturesque Lumeria grounds.

Mini massages were available in the beautiful Lumeria treatment bungalows.

Massage rooms at Lumeria retreat Maui

A delightful spread of charcuterie, finger sandwiches, and fresh fruit, courtesy of Charcuterie Plus Bar Maui, satisfied their appetites.

Charcuterie Plus Bar Maui for retreat at Lumeria Leiohu Cosmetics

The flowery cupcakes from Sweet Bella Blooms were so beautiful that many ladies remarked, “It’s too pretty to eat!”

Real looking flower cupcakes Sweet Bella Blooms Maui
Real looking flower cupcakes Sweet Bella Blooms Maui Lumeria Leiohu

Embellish provided botanical beverages of rose and hibiscus, complemented by fragrant jasmine decor and refreshing popsicles.

Botanical drinks Embellish Maui Lumeria retreat Leiohu Cosmetics
Botanical drinks Embellish Maui Lumeria retreat Leiohu Cosmetics
Botanical popsicle drinks Embellish Maui Lumeria retreat Leiohu Cosmetics

Petaloom set up a “build your bouquet” bar where each lady crafted her own colorful bouquet to take home.

Petaloom bouquet bar Lumeria retreat Leiohu Cosmetics
Petaloom bouquet bar Lumeria Maui retreat Leiohu Cosmetics
Petaloom bouquet bar Lumeria retreat Leiohu Cosmetics

A cozy, modern lounge setup was thoughtfully provided by Signature Events Maui.

Signature Events Maui lounge Lumeria retreat Leiohu Cosmetics

Coach Amy McNally was available for counseling and EFT, and a mini boutique showcased a variety of beautiful clothes by various brands, along with darling towels generously donated by Eha Culture.

Boutique at Lumeria Maui Eha Culture Leiohu Cosmetics
Eha Culture Beach Towels Leiohu Cosmetics

A Beautiful End To The Lumeria Maui Wellness Retreat

As the day of wellness and self-care came to a close, the ladies retired to a soothing soak in the hot tub under the twinkling stars and the bright moon, while the wellness and event providers, volunteers, and organizers felt a profound sense of fulfillment, hugged and knew that their efforts had gone to just the right place.

A heartfelt “Mahalo” to all who made this event possible.

Lumeria Maui Wellness Center Leiohu Cosmetics Retreat
 Lumeria Maui Leiohu Cosmetics Retreat

What It All Meant To Us

The Restorative Wellness Retreat at Lumeria Maui was a testament to the power of community, support, and self-care.

It not only celebrated the resilience of the wahine first responders and wives of Maui’s first responders but also provided a well-deserved respite and a sense of appreciation for their tireless efforts.

The event was a shining example of how small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can have a profound impact on those who give so much to their community.

Lumeria Maui Leiohu Cosmetics Retreat

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