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We’ve been coming to the Cafe at Maui Ocean Vodka on many Fridays to kick off the weekend right, and it’s been wonderful every time!

maui ocean vodka photos

With its panoramic bi-coastal ocean view this is a spectacular place, nay I say the best, in Upcountry Maui to watch the sunset.

Add on a cool, delicious beverage and some yummy treats, and you really can’t do much better! We’ve brought many friends and visitors here, and they’ve all raved about it.

In fact, this is our go-to spot to have a welcome dinner and sunset viewing with out-of-town guests.

Flow Of Their Tour & Tasting

Before you relax under a swaying palm tree and enjoy the breeze, join a tour to walk some of the 80-acre organic farm that grows over 30 varieties of sugar cane.

maui ocean vodke tour
maui ocean vodka sugarcane

The cane is processed right at the distillery into their signature Maui Ocean Vodka, Kula Rum, and more. The distillery tour is worthwhile and includes a guided tasting.

maui ocean vodka distillery tour

You’ll sample their vodka, gin, and rums.

Maui Ocean Vodka is special because it is distilled from organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water, giving it a unique, clean, and smooth flavor profile.

It’s quite a bit of alcohol that you’ll get to try, so pace yourself if you want to enjoy a cocktail after the tour and tasting.

maui ocean vodka tour and tasting

For an additional fee, you can try their aged rum, which is worth it for true connoisseurs.

When you’re ready to sample some more and eat, the Cafe has delicious healthy fare, fresh from the farm.

Review of The Cafe At Maui Ocean Vodka

Update: Maui Ocean Vodka takes reservations now, so reserve a table, especially if your party is large.

Once you have your table, enjoy!

In terms of food, you can eat very healthy and well at the Maui Ocean Vodka Cafe—crisp salads, poke, and summer rolls leave you feeling good.

maui ocean vodka bar
maui ocean vodka menu summer rolls
maui ocean vodka menu poke

Their pizzas are yummy as well! Our favorite is the Tree Pua’a. The combination of Maui Gold pineapple, pulled pork, bacon crumbles, and Kula Dark Rum jam is a winner. Here it’s pictured with a gluten-free crust and no cheese (for allergy reasons). You can also sub vegan cheese. 

maui ocean vodka pizza
maui ocean vodka with kids

In fact, Maui Ocean Vodka is a great place to come if you have dietary restrictions. Their menu is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free friendly!

They have recently expanded their menu to include burgers, ribs, and tacos.

Of course, their signature cocktails are amazing, and after many Fridays of working ourselves through the menu, we haven’t found one we truly didn’t like.

The favorite for us has been the Local Girl. The combination of POG and Li Hing Mui (dried plum that is sweet, salty, and sour) is delicious.

The Tangerine Dream feels like a dessert all by itself.

maui ocean vodka cocktails

For non-liquid dessert, their churros with toasted rum caramel are amazing, and the chocolate-dipped bananas are a semi-healthy treat that’s hard to say no to!

maui ocean vodka desserts
maui ocean vodka foodies dessert

Then lean back and enjoy the view, and the live music if you’re there between 4:30-7:00pm.

maui ocean vodka sunset views photos

Maui Ocean Vodka Is A Great Place For Kids

Surprisingly, Maui Ocean Vodka is a great place to bring kids as well! The outdoor, picnic-style eating is relaxed for parents and children, and the space is big enough so the kiddos won’t bother others.

It feels very communal and easy-going, yet is beautifully appointed, well-kept, and well-designed.

maui ocean vodka sugarcane farm
maui ocean vodka photos

Bonus: kids can go at a discounted rate to the tour since they won’t be sampling any booze. 

They do have signs indicating that running and playing are not allowed on the lawn after some kids got hurt climbing the palms.

Sunsets & Goodbyes

Last call for food and cocktails is at 7:00pm.

maui ocean vodka sunset views

If you’re sad to leave once it’s dark, Maui Ocean Vodka has shared the recipes for some of their signature cocktails online, so you can bring the Maui experience home with you.

Before you leave, pick up your very own bottle of Maui Ocean Vodka from their store right there or at most general stores, Foodland, and Whole Foods on Maui.

maui ocean vodka

The luminescent blue glass spheres are beautiful, and we’ve seen people turning them into garden decorations, candle holders, and all kinds of other things. The teeny-weeny ones are especially cute!

Here’s my try at making lychee-flavored vodka for a cocktail creation of my own! It turned out delicious!

And of course, you can make some pretty amazing DIY Beauty Products With Rum, Gin, And Vodka. Check out these posts: Cocktail Inspired Beauty Product DIY and DIY Piña Colada Scrub Recipe.


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