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Here are my top picks for Maui farm tours, perfect for foodies, beauty and wellness enthusiasts, or those simply looking for a peaceful time amidst nature.

best maui farm tours for foodies and families

How did we select these Maui Farm Tours?

As a nature and food enthusiast, I spent every Friday for a year exploring Maui’s farms with my homeschooled daughter.

We’ve tried all the farm tours available on the island, visiting most several times—some as often as 6 or 10 time.

We feel that these 6 Maui farm tours are mom and child tested and approved.

They are great for kids, because they are educational and engage the senses. After all, you’ll always get to try something on these culinary farms.

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Why A Maui Farm Tour Is A Must Do

Maui has an amazing climate for growing fresh, tropical fruits and plants year-round! You can taste the best pineapple, mango, and papaya of your life here!

So take a culinary farm tour—whether it’s of a pineapple plantation, chocolate farm, veggie farm, or an apiary! We always have one on the itinerary for visiting friends and family.

Also, you’ll be doing something great for the local economy here.

Right now, Maui still imports over 90% of its food. So the work that these amazing men and women farmers do is so important to protecting and growing (literally) our food security on this far-away island.

By visiting their farms and taking their tours, you’ll support this good mission and you’ll have a truly amazing experience! It’s a win-win!

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Now, without further ado—our top 6 favorite farm tours on Maui!

Our Favorite Maui Farm Tours

O’o Farms Coffee & O’o Farms Lunch Tour

cup of coffee at o'o farms maui tour
coffee grown at o'o farms maui
farm to table lunch at o'o farms maui

This is the #1 tour we always recommend to friends and family who visit Maui.

The bi-coastal ocean views are unbelievable: it’s where we first fell in love with that Upcountry view when we came as tourists to O’o Farms many years ago.

Regardless of whether you book the breakfast coffee tour or the farm lunch tour, you’ll receive an upbeat, informational tour around their property. You’ll get to pick some fruits, veggies, and herbs; and you’ll enjoy an amazing gourmet meal fresh from the farm. And of course, you’ll get the views!

But the highlight is, of course, the food. You’ll sit outside in a beautiful space and enjoy an amazingly fresh gourmet breakfast or lunch, depending on your tour.

For breakfast, the garden frittata full of delicious herbs was our favorite, closely followed by the amazing honey buns with ground-up coffee cherries.

For lunch, Steven still raves about the marinated tofu! It has an amazing texture. The coffee-brined chicken is very good as well!

For more detailed information and photos read the full Review of O’o Farm Tour.

Maui Ocean Vodka Tour & Tasting

ocean vodka maui tour tasting cafe
ocean vodka cafe tour tasting maui
rum tiramisu at ocean vodka maui

We’ve been visiting the Cafe at Maui Ocean Vodka every Friday to kick off the weekend right, and it’s been wonderful every time!

With its panoramic bi-coastal ocean views, this is arguably the best place in Upcountry Maui to watch the sunset.

But before you relax under a swaying palm tree with a cool drink, take their tour to explore some of the 80-acre organic farm, which grows over 30 varieties of sugar cane. The cane is processed right at the distillery into their signature Maui Ocean Vodka, Kula Rum, and more.

Kids can go free on the tour, as they won’t be sampling any alcohol.

After the tour, stay for lunch or dinner at the Cafe and enjoy the view. You can sit inside, at an outdoor picnic table, or pick up a chair and side table to find your own perfect nook. The atmosphere is communal and easy-going, yet beautifully appointed, well-kept, and well-designed.

Of course, their signature cocktails are amazing. After many Fridays working through the menu, we haven’t found one we didn’t like.

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Ku’ia Chocolate Farm Tour

Chocolate tasting at kia farm maui
cacao pod at Kuia Farm Maui
tiny cacao chocolate flower at kia farm Maui

The Ku’ia Chocolate Farm Tour is one of our favorite farm tours for kids on Maui! Only Willy Wonka could do it better!

Tucked away in the industrial part of Lahaina is Ku’ia’s chocolate factory. You probably wouldn’t stumble upon it unless you planned to, but it’s definitely worth planning for!

Make sure to book the farm tour and chocolate tasting. The experience of tasting chocolate on the farm is vastly superior to just tasting it at the factory.

The tour begins with a short van ride to an agro-forest that emulates a rainforest. You’ll learn a lot about the different varieties of cacao trees and the chocolate-making process.

Of course, the highlight for kids is the tasting, which takes place in an incredible tree house! It’s super cool for the kids, and for adults, looking down from the tree house perch over the cacao trees below and the stunning ocean view in front is a treat in itself. It’s the perfect location!

Check out our full post on the Review of Ku’ia Chocolate Tour with more photos.

Ono Farms Private Tour

farm box full of exotic fruits at Ono Farms
picking bilimbi at Ono Farms tour
Ono Farms Private Farm Tour ATV Maui

Nestled in the jungle in Hana, Ono Farms is a stunning 50-acre paradise full of mature tropical fruit trees. They are renowned for their delicious papayas and apple bananas.

It had long been my dream to go on their farm tour, and in 2023, we finally made it happen for my birthday.

All tours are private and small-scale (2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults max), and at $375, it’s one of the priciest tours, but absolutely worth it.

Your private guide drives you around the farm in an ATV, stopping many times to pick fresh fruit and explain the various varieties they grow.

He cuts open the fruit right there, and you sample it fresh—truly amazing!

The fruits we sampled during our tour were nothing short of extraordinary. We tasted mountain apples, apple bananas, tamarind, soursop, the most delicious jackfruit ever, mangoes, cacao, coconuts at various stages of growth, including sprouted coconuts, bilimbi, assorted sapote varieties, papayas, and so much more. What you get depends on the season. Each visit offers something new and exciting to discover.

The tour goes on rain or shine. A brief, refreshing drizzle only enhanced the experience. Just remember to bring along some mosquito repellent!

This was our daughter’s favorite tour. She loved being on the ATV, zipping around the farm in the middle of the jungle, stopping only to taste something new and delicious.

Here are more photos and a full Review of Ono Farms Private Farm Tour.

Maui Gold Pineapple Farm Tour

Maui Gold Farm Tour
Baby Pineapple Maui Gold Farm Tour
Maui Gold Farm Tasting Pineapple

We eat Maui Gold pineapples weekly, if not daily, and absolutely love them.

However, to be honest, I wasn’t very excited about this tour when I booked it. What could be so great about a pineapple tour?

I was so wrong! My daughter and I both really enjoyed the entire experience!

The main attraction is getting to experience a part of Maui that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

The plantation is nestled right off Hali’imaile, and the views are stunning: acres of pineapples of all sizes, with Haleakala behind you and the ocean glistening on both sides!

The tour itself is very comfortable and informative. You’ll ride in an air-conditioned bus, stopping at various points to see and learn about all stages of pineapple growth, including baby pineapples!

The fresh field tasting is delicious! Plus, you get to take two pineapples home with you—if they make it that far before being eaten.

Do yourself a favor and make a reservation at the Haliimaile General Store across the street for lunch afterward. Try the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake and Piña Colada! It’s the perfect way to cap off the tour.

For photos and more detailed info, check out our Review of the Maui Gold Farm Tour.

Punakea Palms Farm Tour

Punakea Farm Tour Maui
Punakea Farm Tour Maui
Punakea Farm Tour Maui

Located on the west side of Maui, Punakea Palms is a family-run oasis and coconut featuring a tour and tasting experience.

The farm is home to 250 coconut trees, lush gardens, and stunning views of Lanai.

We loved sipping fresh coconut water under the swaying palm fronds from where they came.

You’ll also sample sweet coconut jelly, which is traditionally a first food for babies in Pacific Island cultures, coconut meat, and milk.

Beyond the unique flavors and textures of the coconuts, Punakea Palms is filled with a variety of tropical fruit trees and vibrant plants.

It’s a place where all your senses are engaged and you can find peace.

Check out our full post and with more photos and a detailed Review of Punakea Palms Farm Tour.

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