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Nestled on the westside of Maui, Punakea Farm is a family-operated sanctuary with a farm tour and tasting. Home to 250 coconut trees, lush gardens, and sweeping views of Lanai, this idyllic place is a retreat for the senses.

Punakea Farm Tour Maui
Punakea Farm Stand for Maui Farm Tour

I love coconut in all its stages and was excited to learn more and discover Punakea Farms, so I booked a coconut tasting & farm tour for my daughter and myself. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I’ve been to most if not all of Maui farm tours and this one is in the top 5! Highly recommended!

Exploring the Coconut’s Life Cycle

The Punakea Farm Tasting tour is a journey from youthful, isotonic coconut water to the rich, ripe coconut meat and milk. 

Sipping fresh coconut water at Punakea Farm Tour and Tasting on Maui
Prepping coconuts at Punakea Farm Tour and Tasting on Maui
Palm trees on Maui at Punakea Farm

We loved sipping fresh coconut water under the swaying palm fronds. It was so delicious and engaging, I forgot to take photos of all we ate!

You’ll also taste delicate, sweet coconut jelly, a traditional first food for babies in Pacific Island culture.

The tastings unfold as an engaging exploration, leaving you with a profound appreciation for the coconut’s versatility. 

A coconut palm offers so much: coconuts for food and water, coconut oil for cooking and skincare, leaves for shelter and crafts, wood for construction and various products, fibers for weaving, mulch for gardening, flower nectar for honey production, coconut sugar as a natural sweetener, and even the potential for biochar production.

Making fresh shaved coconut at Punakea Farm Tour and Tasting on Maui
coconut mulch at Punakea Farm on Maui

Did you know that coconuts ripen with the lunar cycle? Crazy, right? Every 28 days new coconuts are born, and the older ones mature from one stage to the next.

Punakea Farms — A Beautiful Space

Beyond the captivating flavors and textures of the coconuts, Punakea Farms is a beautiful garden full of other tropical fruit trees and colorful plants. 

A place to engage all your senses and feel at peace.

The expansive views of Lanai are breathtaking. 

Tropical gardens at Punakea Farm on Maui
Beautiful gardens at Punakea Farm on Maui
View of Lanai from Punakea Farm on Maui

Cafe & Shop at Punakea Farms

Don’t miss the farm’s cafe, where iced coffee with fresh coconut milk is another treat to try. They also offer smoothies and mango lassi from farm fruit and coconut milk, as well as banana coconut bread. 

The shop offers well-curated souvenirs. Take a piece of Maui home with local products from various Maui farms—honey, jams, candles, and more.

A young sprouted coconut tree at Punakea Farm on Maui
Cafe full of coconut treats at Punakea Farm Tour on Maui
Gift shop at Punakea Farm Tour and Tasting on Maui

Your Visit Makes a Difference: The Importance of Agrotourism for Maui

Punakea Farms, like many local Maui farms, grapples with challenges in food production due to real estate costs and water availability. 

Unfortunately, Maui and much of Hawaii imports upwards of 80% of its food, despite a year-round climate for growing.

Our tour highlighted the crucial role of agrotourism in sustaining local agriculture and promoting food security on the island. 

Punakea Farm Tour and Tasting on Maui
Coconut Farm Tour and Tasting on Maui

Your visit directly supports these efforts, ensuring the continuation of farming that contributes to Maui’s self-sufficiency.

Punakea Farms — A Must-Do Maui Farm Tour

Punakea Farms offers a remarkable experience for both adults and children.

The farm’s insightful portrayal of the coconut’s life cycle and the delicious coconut-based treats make for an educational and delicious adventure.

Embrace the opportunity to learn about and taste lots of coconut, and give back to the island by championing local farms.

In my Top 6 of Maui Farm Tours


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