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Here’s a peek behind the scenes of two of our recent Paper Garden Maui Workshops…

Paper Garden Maui Workshop

The Location

Nestled in the Wailea Village next to Akamai Coffee, Paper Garden is a charming gift, craft, and party shop. Throughout the year, the owner Pam invites local artists and artisans to host a variety of workshops such as ink art, ribbon lei making, and wreath crafting.

Leiohu Cosmetics was excited to join to teach natural skincare and perfume blending with Hawaiian plants and fragrances.

The Setup of Our Paper Garden Maui Workshops

Workshops are held outside on the lanai/patio, offering stunning ocean views and beautifully landscaped surroundings.

Pam sets up a long communal table that can accommodate many guests, making it perfect for private events like bridal showers, baby showers, or birthday parties.

After that, we come in and decorate the table with our signature etagere brimming with fresh, exotic plants, fruits, nuts and more.

Paper Garden Maui Workshop Bridal Shower

We shower the table in fragrant flowers and set up intriguing bottles of infusions, concoctions, and other materials for participants to explore through scent and touch.

It’s always so inviting that passersby stop to marvel and take photos just of the set-up.

First, a Snack and Refreshment

As we welcome guests to the Paper Garden Maui Workshop, Pam opens with a light meal and refreshments.

Paper Garden Maui Workshop Baby Shower

Participants are treated to either coffee and breakfast of their choice from Akamai Coffee, or a tea time with delicious homemade treats by Pam, some of which are even gluten-free.

She serves her pastries with an assortment of teas and coffee.

The Flow of the Paper Garden Maui Workshop

We begin the Paper Garden Maui Workshop with a grounding meditation to activate our senses.

We then continue on to our signature aromatherapy scent journey featuring Hawaii-themed scents specific to Maui or Hawaii, including essential oils such as ginger, turmeric, tuberose, coffee, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Other categories of essential oils we explore are floral, herbaceous, spicy, woody, and citrus.

Paper Garden Maui Workshop

The Leiohu Cosmetics scent journey is designed to heighten our sense of smell, ground us in our bodies, and help us intuitively gravitate toward our preferences.

As we conclude this journey, we move on to the hands-on blending portion of the experience. Depending on the workshop’s focus, different products are created.

Maui Perfume Blending Workshop

Depending on the scents that spoke to you, you now create a personalized fragrance.

From the exotic florals of Hawaii like ylang-ylang or tuberose to intriguing spicy scents like mace and clove, or invigorating notes like ginger or lemongrass, there is a unique, special scented body oil for everyone.

Paper Garden Maui Workshop Bridal Shower
Paper Garden Maui Workshop Birdal Shower

As a base for your luxurious perfume body oil, you can choose between coconut oil, kukui oil, or macadamia nut oil. Depending on the season, infused oils like tuberose-infused coconut oil, vanilla lavender-infused macadamia nut oil, or ginger-infused kukui oil might also be available.

The scent creation process is a fun and exploratory journey. Read more about our Aromatherapy Scent Journey.

Men also enjoy this experience!

In fact, we had a lady join a workshop recently who just told her husband that she was off at a craft workshop and he went on with his day’s plans. When he called her during the workshop and she said she was in the middle of scent blending, he said, “You didn’t tell me it was smelling,” and he climbed on his bike and stopped by to take a peek.

Experiencing scents is a very natural and grounding experience for all humans. No matter how disconnected or up in the clouds we are, smelling something with intention brings us down and into our body.

After finding a scent you love, you can add skincare goodies like silk extracts for smoothness, pineapple or papaya for brightening, aloe or honey for moisture, and anti-aging ingredients like rosehip oil or squalene.

You can even add a little shimmer.

Paper Garden Maui Workshop Perfume Blending
Paper Garden Maui Workshop Perfume Blending

Topped with Vitamin E oil as a natural preservative, you’ll have a custom beauty oil perfect for your skin needs and tastes. No one else will have it. It’s one of a kind!

Hawaii Skincare Blending Workshop

In this workshop, the focus is on customized skincare using natural, fresh ingredients from Hawaii.

For instance, we might make a customized body scrub with Hawaiian ingredients and a fresh face mask. Perfect for that at-home tropical spa day!

Paper Garden Maui Workshop Bridal Shower

Participants can choose between coffee, salt, sugar, or rice as the base for their custom body scrub.

If you are interested in scrubs, check out our blog posts: What is better salt or sugar scrub? and What To Put In My Scrub: coffee, sugar, salt, sand, or rice?

Our most popular combinations include a caffeinated, invigorating Hawaii coffee scrub with a vanilla latte or spiced coffee fragrance.

Another favorite is the tropical Piña Colada Body Scrub with Maui Gold pineapple juice, tropical coconut, sugar cane, and toasted coconut Kula rum.

To round out your pamper spa day products, we also make a face mask.

A popular option is our papaya face mask with pineapple—an enzymatic treat for the face that clears off any dead and dull skin cells. In fact, papaya is a meat tenderizer used in the meat packing industry.

Paper Garden Maui Workshop
Paper Garden Maui Workshop

A great option for sensitive, dry skin is our probiotic Maui rose and coconut face mask with lavender honey and Maui roses. The probiotic cultures balance and restore the skin barrier and microbiome.

After the hands-on blending, participants have the option to add skincare boosts like vitamin C serum for extra brightening or extracts like honey or aloe.

Et voilà! Two skincare products with fresh, natural ingredients. You know exactly what is in them and they are perfect for you! Plus, the knowledge of how to make more!

Products You Leave With

Participants leave with two full-size, fresh products they’ve created with natural, clean ingredients, customized to their skincare needs. It’s a unique way to experience the power of nature, connection with place, and sustainable practices in Maui and Hawaii.

Paper Garden Maui Workshop Photos
Paper Garden Maui
Paper Garden Maui Workshop Gifts

At the end of every workshop, Pam holds a fun raffle for two prizes and a coupon for the shop.

How To Book Our Paper Garden Maui Workshop

You can buy tickets in person at Paper Garden or call Pam to book.

It’s such a fun activity for a Saturday morning girls’ brunch or a girls’ night out. The workshops always bring together a fun group of women, offering a great opportunity to meet new people.

It’s also the perfect experience for Maui bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and girls’ night out. We hope to see you soon at one!


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Paper Garden Maui Workshop


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