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Visiting Hawaii and wondering what fruit will be in season when you’re here?

Hawaii, with its idyllic climate and rich volcanic soil, hosts an incredible diversity of fruits year-round, making it a paradise for fruit lovers and foodies.

Unlike the more predictable seasonal cycles on the mainland, Hawaii’s tropical setting offers unique growing conditions that can be both surprising and delightful.

Here’s a deeper dive into the bounty the islands have to offer throughout the year.

what fruit is in season on hawaii

Unraveling What Fruits Are In Season on Hawaii

Strawberries in Winter? Yes, Please!

kula country farms strawberry patch february

While the mainland shivers through winter, Hawaii enjoys its strawberry season from February to April. This might come as a surprise to those used to June-bearing strawberries elsewhere, but Hawaii’s mild winters provide a perfect climate for growing these sweet, juicy berries.

Luscious Lychees in Summer

The lychee, with its floral aroma and sweet, tangy flesh, peaks between May and August. These months see local markets and roadside stands laden with these exotic treats, perfect for a refreshing snack or a tropical addition to salads and desserts.

Lilikoi Extravaganza from June to January

Lilikoi, or passion fruit, thrives in Hawaii’s warm climate, producing its tart and aromatic fruits from June to January. The plant also produces beautiful, showy flowers that are often used in floral arrangements. The fruit offers a burst of tart, tropical flavor, perfect for juices, desserts, and sauces.

Starfruit Splendor from September to April

Starfruit, or carambola, is available from September to April. This mild fruit has a texture similar to a grape in many ways. Find it at farmer’s markets when in season, offering a refreshing snack or a beautiful addition to salads and garnishes.

Cacao Harvest in Two Seasons

cacao chocolate flower season
cacao in season hawaii

Cacao, the source of chocolate, grows well in Hawaii, with its harvest occurring in two main seasons: from May to July and from October to March. The cacao tree produces pods containing seeds, which are fermented and processed into chocolate, offering a rich, complex flavor unique to the islands.

Persimmon Perfection in Fall

Persimmons are typically harvested in the fall, from October to December. These fruits, with their sweet, honey-like flavor, grow on small deciduous trees and are perfect for fresh eating, in salads, or for baking into treats.

Mango Madness from Spring to Fall

From May to September, mango trees across the islands burst into full bloom and fruit. Each variety has its own peak time, painting a succession of flavors and textures throughout the season. From the creamy ‘Haden’ to the smaller, zestier ‘Pirie’, each mango offers a taste of Hawaiian sunshine.

Discover More: Exotic and Rare Finds

While the above fruits are popular, Hawaii’s unique climate supports a wide variety of other fruits that are less known.

Rare treats like jackfruit and durian make their appearance around August, while the unique soursop, with its citrusy flavor, is available from May to September.

For coffee lovers, Hawaii’s world-renowned coffee beans are harvested primarily in November, making late fall an exciting time for fresh brews straight from the source.

But there is much more to discover throughout the year. Exotic fruits such as cherimoya, bilimbi, Surinam cherries, sapote, sapodilla, egg fruit, and jaboticabas add to the diverse and abundant offerings of Hawaii’s rich fruit scene.

rare exotic fruit hawaii cherimoya season

To discover these rare, exotic treats and how to eat them, check out our blog post: Rare Fruits to Try in Hawaii.

Your Guide to Year-Round In Season Fruits on Hawaii

Whether you’re planning a trip or simply curious about the seasonal fruits in Hawaii, here’s a handy guide:

Avocados: Available year-round, with different varieties subtly shifting with the seasons. The creamy, rich flavor varies slightly between the buttery Sharwil and the nutty Malama.

Guava: Also available year-round, with peak seasons in late summer and early fall. This fruit is known for its sweet, slightly tart flavor and is from a small tropical tree.

Papaya: Available throughout the year. Its sweet, musky flavor comes from a fast-growing tree, often bearing fruit within a year.

Pineapple: Fresh and abundant all year, with several varieties across the islands. Known for its vibrant, sweet-tart taste, pineapple grows on a herbaceous perennial plant.

maui hawaii pineapple season

Bananas: A year-round staple in Hawaii, with many varieties such as apple bananas, Cuba, ice-cream, and more. Their sweet, creamy fruit comes from tall, leafy plants that are technically giant herbs.

Sugarcane: though technically a grass, it’s an essential and versatile crop available year-round. The stalks contain a sweet juice that’s the source of its flavor. Also great chewed.

Where To Find Fresh, In Season Fruit On Hawaii

When you visit, try these fruits as nature intended—fresh and ripe, directly from local farmers’ markets or roadside stands. Each season brings its own flavors, and there’s always something delicious growing on the islands.

Check out our posts of Best Farmer’s Markets On Maui and Hidden Fruit Stands On Maui.

hawaii mango in season

For those who can’t visit, consider sourcing Hawaiian-grown fruits from specialty stores or online.

Maui Gold and Kumu Farms ship their amazing signature pineapple and papaya.

christmas on maui hawaii

It’s a wonderful way to taste the islands’ unique fresh fruits in the middle of winter and support Hawaiian agriculture.

Whether you’re in Hawaii or dreaming of your next visit, the islands’ bountiful produce offers a delicious and ongoing discovery of flavors. Remember, every fruit has its season, and in Hawaii, every season is fruit season!


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What Fruit Is In Season On Hawaii?

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