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Lei ʻohu Cosmetics recently partnered with Ali ʻi Kula Lavender Farm for an exclusive Farm-to-Face beauty workshop. Here’s a peek into that special evening…

After a difficult week filled with anxiety and tension due to the fires on Maui, it provided a much-needed opportunity for self-care and healing. It was a gift to ourselves and those around us because through self-care, we can better serve others as well.

And what better place than Ali ʻi Lavender Farm!

ali'i kula lavender sunset leiohu cosmetics maui event wedding
ali'i kula lavender farm butterflies leiohu cosmetics maui
ali'i kula lavender farm bees honey leiohu cosmetics maui

It’s a stunning sanctuary, a haven of peace where the only sounds are birdsong or the buzzing of the bees and flutter of the butterfly. It’s nestled high on the slopes of Haleakalā Volcano, making you feel like you’re above and away from the rest of the world.

Read more about visiting Ali ʻi Lavender Farm and their amazing honey.

The Flow of Our Farm-To-Face Ali ʻi Lavender Beauty Workshop

Our journey began with a meditation session to release tension and to sharpen our senses.

We focused on the sounds, sights, smells, and sensations around us, inhaling the delightful scents of lavender and fragrant tropical flowers while breathing in the crisp, clean air.

ali'i kula lavender farm beauty workshop with leiohu cosmetics wedding event

Lei ʻohu Cosmetics workshops are thoughtfully crafted to engage all the senses.

Upon opening our eyes, we once again marveled at the beautiful surroundings: our picturesque spot in the white gazebo at Ali ʻi Lavender Farm, the ocean view, and the étagère filled with fresh flowers, fruits, and rich nuts and seeds set against a breathtaking backdrop of golden sunsets and rolling fog.

Our Signature Aromatherapy Journey

Our lavender journey began with the signature Lei ʻohu Cosmetics aromatherapy experience. We smelled essential oils ranging from woody, smoky, to herbaceous, citrusy, floral, and local scents. 

Of course, we paid special attention to lavender and its pairings, including both lavender and lavandin.

ali'i kula lavender farm leiohu cosmetics lavender bush
lavender versus lavendin essential oil leiohu cosmetics
lavender versus lavendin essential oil leiohu cosmetics

Lavender angustifolia is the true floral lavender. Lavendin is a more camphorous herbal lavender hybrid. We had the privilege of smelling freshly cut Lavandula angustifolia from Ali ʻi Farms that day, as well as a hybrid French lavender.

We also explored other raw materials such as roses, tuberose, cinnamon bark fresh from the tree, mint, clove, and bergamot.

jasmine at ali'i kula lavender farm leiohu cosmetics maui
gazebo ali'i kula lavender farm beauty workshop with leiohu cosmetics wedding event

The Lei ʻohu Cosmetics scent journey is aimed to heighten our sense of smell, grounding us in our bodies and helping us intuitively gravitate toward our preferences.

It was fascinating to witness two avid tuberose lovers that day!

For our sense of taste, we sipped calming (just what we needed!) lavender, chamomile, and Linden tea sweetened with lavender honey.

Butterfly pea flower and hint of lemon juice created a color show, transitioning from blue to purple to pink.

lavender lemonade with lavender honey from ali'i kula lavender farm for beauty workshop leiohu cosmetics butterfly pea flowers
lavender honey from ali'i kula lavender farm for beauty workshop leiohu cosmetics

Crafting handmade cosmetics at the Ali ʻi Lavender Beauty Workshop

Next, we delved into the world of handcrafted cosmetics. We crafted a lavender vanilla macadamia nut oil infusion—a decadent, nourishing body oil. We even added a touch of iridescent mica for a subtle sparkle.

This sparkling-scented body oil quickly became a favorite among the participants!

We created a Kula Fog lavender bath soak, incorporating lavender, Earl Grey, and coconut milk powder. This blend was inspired by a Marlow tea creation, which in turn was inspired by the traditional Earl Grey tea scented with bergamot. To give it a Maui twist, we included Kula lavender and coconut milk.

As we ground, mixed, and poured, one participant exclaimed, “We’re beauty scientists!”

ali'i kula lavender farm beauty workshop leiohu cosmetics roses
ali'i kula lavender farm beauty workshop leiohu cosmetics kula fog body scrub

We also concocted a luxurious coconut rose face mask infused with lavender honey for its humectant and moisturizing properties.

The roses were sourced from Tiki Farm, another farm on the slopes of Haleakalā Volcano. We smelled the fresh roses and then blended their single-flower rose powder into our mask, resulting in a beautiful rose-colored and scented face mask.

ali'i kula lavender farm beauty workshop leiohu cosmetics mortar pestle grinding herbs
ali'i kula lavender farm beauty workshop leiohu cosmetics face mask maui rose lokelani

As we observed the weather transition from golden sunlight to a gentle mist and the arrival of the Kula gray fog, we engaged in lively conversations about our favorite beauty products and life.

Everyone departed with smiles, having taken time for self-care, far removed from the demands and tragedies of the outside world.

 Oh, and they also left with three handcrafted Lei ʻohu Cosmetics beauty products. And the knowledge to create more clean, handcrafted cosmetics using Maui’s bountiful ingredients!

It was a lovely, much-needed evening of self-care, exploration, and connection.

What The Attendees of the Ali ʻi Kula Lavender Beauty Workshop Thought

Here are some quotes from attendees of our Lei ʻohu Cosmetics + Ali ʻi Lavender beauty workshop:

“I feel like I have new friends and I’m so thankful tonight. Every time I use my beautiful products, I’ll think of our sweet evening.”

“This was exactly what my heart and soul needed. I feel so grateful that I was able to be a part of it, learn so many new things, create quality homemade products, and best of all…making new friends.”

“I love the shimmery lavender vanilla oil. Used it before bed and again this morning.😍 Going to have to make more soon so I don’t run out.🤭🌸”

“A beautiful blessing to heal our mind, body, and spirit through these devastating times.”


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Hope to see you in paradise soon!

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Ali ʻi Kula Lavender Beauty Workshop

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