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Thinking of planning a girls’ reunion trip to Maui? Let me take you behind the scenes of a beautiful and fun event we hosted for a group of high school girlfriends.

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Celebrating With A Girls Reunion Trip To Maui

When these eight high school girlfriends decided to celebrate their milestone birthdays for the year, they knew it had to be special. So, they packed their bags and jetted off to Maui for a fabulous girls trip reunion.

These ladies, now scattered across the US, rented a beautiful VRBO in South Maui and embarked on an unforgettable week of reconnecting, catching up, and living their best lives.

From the moment I arrived, their energy and camaraderie were infectious. The countless laughs we shared made this event truly joyous and memorable.

Leiohu Cosmetics Workshop For This Girls Reunion Trip To Trip

When the ladies reached out to us for a special workshop at their VRBO, we knew we had to create something extraordinary.

They wanted to turn their stay into a luxurious home spa day, including massages and private chef services to elevate their experience. Our handcrafted cosmetics workshops are the perfect addition to any girls’ trip, offering a unique Maui activity that connects you with Hawaii’s natural beauty and rich botanical heritage.

We bring the experience directly to you, or you can join us at a scenic location. This interactive and fun workshop allows you to spend quality time together, discovering new scents and beauty rituals. We can customize your event with various themes. Whether you love cherry blossoms, tuberose, or lotus flowers, or prefer to focus on beauty interests such as hair care, spa pampering, or bathing rituals.

For an added touch of luxury, consider an adding tea time setup with treats. We can also arrange for additional vendors like masseuses, charcuterie, chefs, bars, or picnic companies to make your experience even more indulgent.

The Flow of Our Leiohu Cosmetics Bar Maui Workshop

The girls kicked off their Maui spa day in style, dressed in colorful kaftans. We began with a fun photo session, capturing their vibrant energy and excitement.

They had booked our signature experience, which included an aromatherapy scent journey, two full-sized products, and a botanical beverage.

We set up a beautiful beauty bar adorned with fresh exotic flowers, spices, fruits, oils, and more. The ladies got to explore some hidden Maui treasures like awapuhi, which is used as a natural shampoo.

During the aromatherapy scent journey, I introduced various scents from the Hawaiian islands and beyond. The experience allowed the ladies to experience and discover new fragrances.

We then dove into the hands-on portion of the workshop, creating a divine coffee scrub.

Each lady ground her own coffee beans and added essential oils that resonated with her. We had cinnamon lovers, vanilla enthusiasts, and those who preferred spicy scents.

Next, we made an enzymatic papaya and pineapple face mask.

For our botanical beverage, we served freshly pressed and chilled Maui Gold pineapple juice. Now, I can neither confirm nor deny whether one of the ladies added a little liquor to turn it into a piña colada—one of the joys of doing the workshop at a luxurious VRBO rental.

Wrapping Up the Maui Workshop

Concluding the workshop, we gifted each lady a beauty oil infused with Hawaiian scents as a keepsake.

As I left, they were just starting the next part of their pampering spa time. They spent the rest of the day indulging in body scrubs, awapuhi hair rinses, face masks, and beauty oils. All with their custom-made clean beauty products.

It was such a fun and lively group of ladies. Their laughter and joy were the highlights of the event. This Maui girls’ reunion trip was a celebration of friendship, beauty, and the unique charm of Hawaii.

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